Why yoga?

You might be asking yourself what the magic healing powers everyone keeps talking about truly are in yoga?

Yoga can change you dramatically both physically and mentally. It’s a world where everyone is welcome and where everyone can practice, according to their own needs and body. Teenagers, middle aged moms, businessmen, older gentlemen, students and athletes can all share the same space without feeling out of place. When you start a yoga class you find stillness and peace in a world full of chaos, stress, obligations and time frames.

The muscles are challenged just as much as your mind during yoga. Holding a posture that requires the engagement of all your muscles, while controlling your breath, aligning your body at the same time as you relax other parts of the body requires great discipline and focus. This translates in time to your every day life outside the yoga studio. You are able to confront stress and challenging situations with a more calm and focused mind, without letting the body go straight into confusion and short breath.

Your yoga practice will be your journey to both physical and psychological transformation.

One of the most obvious benefits is the improved flexibility. It doesn’t matter how stiff or inflexible you are, with time and consistency you will feel improvement and you will notice a gradual loosening. Tight and inflexible muscles can give us poor posture, back aches, knee and neck pain, which in time can evolve into a constant problem.
So apart from a more flexible spine, you also get a stronger and healthier spine. Gluts, hamstrings, quads and calves are stretched out and tightened where they need to be in order stabilize the body and avoid backaches.

I could continue for many more pages and go into the detailed physical and mental benefits of yoga and explain how the chemical levels in your body change after a yoga practice and thus enhances the happy hormones and gets rid of the ones which causes us stress, sadness and fatigue. The simple fact is that it truly does make you more happy, strong and balanced in every way. Yoga can help you overcome the hardest obstacles, grief, stress, traumas, anxiety, pain and exhaustion.
It all starts the moment you put your feet on your mat…