My yoga practice

I started practicing yoga 15 years ago and have since then tried different branches of yoga, from power yoga, to bikram, moksha, yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow and B K S Iyengar yoga.

When starting teaching more than 4 years ago, I grew more and more interested in the anatomy trains of the body, the fundamental importance of the iliopsoas komplex and the neurological benefits of yoga. Which led me to start studying basic medical science and medicinal yoga.

I’m in constant search for more knowledge. And the more connections I discover between yoga, medicine and well being, the more fascinated I become by the amazing things we can achieve with such simple tools.

When teaching Restorative yoga I put a lot of emphasis on learning to understand the power of your thought patterns and also to understand how guiding your breath and thoughts during a restorative session can have a strong healing impact on the nervous system.