Barre is a new concept being introduced both in gyms and yoga and Pilates studios all over the world. It’s a combination between postures and exercises inspired from ballet, Pilates and functional moves to build strength, align the body and breathe correctly.
A typical Barre class includes core work on the mat, exercises that focus on balance and isometric strength training.
We work on stability, balance and focus on contracting and elongating specific sets of muscles through ballet and Pilates exercises.
Movements inspired by modern dance, samba, belly dance and burlesque are sometimes introduced to let go of tensions in the body and to release the dancer inside of you without complex choreography or necessity of previous dance experience.

Women love it because:
Barre is both challenging and fun. Women love it because it makes us feel light, feminine, ballerina-like and at the same time strong and in control of our body and our movements.  After just a few weeks you can see how the shape of your legs and glutes are changing, how your arms become more toned and your movements more swift and swan-like. Getting sculpted lean dancer muscles without the impact and injuries ballerinas endure.

Men love it because:
Because it is so much more challenging than what they believe it to be before coming to class. Only after a few classes they discover that Barre improves their posture, strengthens their psoas muscle, strengthens their hip flexors and releases tension in the calves, quads and glutes at the same time as they are being trained. More often then not men don’t have the same inner core strength as their superficial abdominal strength, which makes the core exercises even more challenging and hard.

Try it to believe it.