I fell in love with movement and the construction of the body at the age of six. I was playing tennis, dancing and swimming every day of the week. I discovered yoga for the first time when I was fifteen. It was the beginning of the longest love story of my life and we’ve been inseparable ever since then.

Today, 16 years later after many travels, many countries, 12 years abroad in Italy and many years of practicing and trying the different faces of yoga as well as many different types of exercise and dancing, I’m teaching what I’ve always loved and what has always been with me.

What drove me to start teaching yoga full time was when the practice helped me overcome a personal trauma. I had emotional scars so deep there didn’t seem to be any real cure for them. Through yoga, and especially through restorative yoga I finally got the pieces of myself back together and believe it to be an incredibly powerful tool to restore and heal both body and mind.

Having found my own expression and the perfect juxtaposition of the different branches of yoga and exercise I’ve come to practice through the years combined with my immense passion for physiotherapy, restorative psychology and teaching is what creates the core and foundation of my practice.